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The different ways of making coffee

Different countries drink different coffees. Although in Italy the “king” is the espresso, known as regular coffee, there are many ways to prepare coffee. There is the short coffee, almost impossible to find abroad, which is a very small espresso that best expresses the aroma of the beverage; there is the long coffee, very popular in the United States and in northern Europe, obtained with the espresso machines, but with more water; there is the macchiato, an espresso with the addition of a small amount of milk; the decaffeinated, deprived of its caffeine content; the Moroccan coffee, which is prepared in a small glass pouring milk foam, coffee and a touch of cocoa or chocolate; instead, the French coffee is prepared by entering coarse ground coffee into a jug and by pouring boiling water over it and stirring from time to time; after a few minutes, the coffee is poured into a cup, strained through a fine sieve. Similar to the French coffee, there is the American coffee, for which you use a paper filter filled with ground coffee. 

A curiosity: perhaps not everyone knows that the Neapolitan coffee is not made with moka pot, but with the “Neapolitan”, a type of coffee machine invented by the French Morize in 1819 and then spread throughout Italy. Formed by four interlocking elements, it was first copper, then aluminum made. Only after the first half of the twentieth century it has been gradually replaced by moka pot, more practical, even though Morize’s machine is still produced.

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