Carracci coffee - the quality Italian espresso coffee

Carracci coffee - the quality Italian espresso coffee


Italian Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee is the world wide recognized true art of Italians in brewing coffee. It's a life style that contains and embodies the passion and culture for made in Italy products.

Espresso Coffee Quality

Carracci is a high quality espresso coffee. Its blends have been carefully selected and designed by Co.ind group for achieving the best espresso coffee tasting.

Carracci premium coffee beans selection starts at the moment of cultivation in the countries of origin where our experts carefully select the best raw coffee and verify its adherence to pre-established standards. Upon arrival in Italy, the coffee is subjected to further controls at the company in-house laboratory, where specific taste tests and chemical and physical analyses are performed.
Every year over 11.000 coffee quality controls are made to ensure the consistency of Carracci coffee. As a matter of fact Co.ind is known for its products highest quality and food safety standards, as certified by authoritative bodies: ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC/IFS, Fairtrade, CCPB, etc.


Carracci coffee beans blends cover the whole coffee food service channel need. Carracci blends are characterized by exclusive compositions and specific roasting processes which enhances the natural properties of the beans used.


A perfect blend resulting from the skilful combination of Arabica beans grown in the plateaus of Brazil and the prized Robusta beans from India and Africa.

The result in cup is a blend that has character and roundness perfectly matched with body and aroma.
This is the blend that truly meets the typical Italian taste.

Beans 1 Kg
Caffè Carracci - Bologna- caffè espresso italiano


An extraordinary 100% Arabica balanced blend made from carefully selected "natural" coffee beans from Brazil give a sweet and rich taste, whilst the "washed" beans from India enrich it with particularly fruity and floral aroma.

The result in cup is a rounded and aromatic espresso coffee perfectly matched with body and a unique crema.
This blend, stood out by a skilful and gradual roasting curve, fits perfectly with the Arabica coffee connoisseurs.

Beans 1 Kg
Caffè Carracci - Milano- caffè espresso italiano


A refined blend characterized by a full-bodied flavour perfectly harmonized by a not dark roasting of its Robusta beans.

The result in cup is a creamy coffee stands out for its body and aroma.
This blend, created in order to always have a good quality consistency, perfectly respects the tradition of bodied Italian espresso coffees

Beans 1 Kg
Caffè Carracci - Napoli- caffè espresso italiano

Bologna compatible capsules

A very round-tasting blend, perfectly combining fullness and flavor. It is made by a careful mix of Brazilian Arabica coffees with fine Robusta from India, Africa and Far East. 

10 Nespresso*-compatible capsules. 
Caffè Carracci - Bologna compatible capsules- caffè espresso italiano

Milano compatible capsules

A tasteful blend of fine 100% Arabica beans. The careful selection of the beans gives this coffee a typical fruity and flower aroma, while a dedicated roasting exalts its delicate taste and flavor.

10 Nespresso*-compatible capsules. 
Caffè Carracci - Milano compatible capsules- caffè espresso italiano

Napoli compatible capsules

A creamy and velvety coffee, with pleasant chocolate tones and a strong taste thanks to the high percentage of Asian Robusta.

10 Nespresso*-compatible capsules. 
Caffè Carracci - Napoli compatible capsules- caffè espresso italiano



Carracci coffee is a Co.ind brand. Founded in 1961 in Castel Maggiore (Bologna), Italy, Co.ind today is widely recognized as one of the most important Italian roasting companies with more than 12.000 tonnes of green coffee roasted every year.

Co.ind is an important group into the Italian industrial environment thanks to its 220 millions euro turnover, five production plants all over Italy and four hundred employees. Co.ind is a leader in the production of private label coffee for distributors: this strategy has, over time, led to the diversification of the business with the creation of other brands, as Carracci, and the production of other widely-consumed food and non-food items.

Co.ind is focused on quality products and on customer satisfaction providing the highest foodstuffs safety standards as certified by authoritative bodies.

Social commitment is one of the most important objectives of Co.ind mission too. Co.ind efforts are focused on consumer and environmental protection, on respect for workers' rights and on fair trade market developing.
  • Carracci coffee - the quality Italian espresso coffee
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