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The art of reading coffee sediments

Turkish coffee is a very popular drink in Turkey, in the Balkan peninsula and in the Arab countries. It is prepared by boiling water in a particular elongated brass pot. When the water boils, remove from fire and add the ground coffee. This way coffee assumes a thick consistency similar to a syrup and requires a few minutes of decantation to deposit the sediment on the bottom of the cups. The sediments then assume special shapes that are interpreted: this is the practice of reading the coffee sediments, the “caffeomancy”. The drinker closes the cup with saucer, leaning over his fingers and making short rotations of the cup, while focusing on the aspects he wants to know. When he feels ready, he tips the cup and the saucer on the table. When the bottom of the cup is cold enough, the games are ready, he flips the cup and proceeds to reading.

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